JimmyLee at Dance Medicine this Thursday, Sept. 19th, 7 – 9 pm

Soul Motion facilitated by JimmyLee

As the full moon wanes and we turn toward the dark time of year, we pause here at the equinox to feel the pull in every direction.  This week JimmyLee will take us into an inquiry where we stand at the crossroads, gather our resources and dance toward the depths of Soul.

Help us celebrate the Autumn Equinox also called Mabon. We invite you to bring your extra produce to share as we enjoy yummy Autumn treats with Tea and community.


Jim Matto-Shepard (JimmyLee)

Soul Motion teacher JimmyLee (Jim Matto-Shepard) is a psychologist specializing in somatic, relational and archetypal psychology. He is passionate about bringing the mind, body and spirit together in conscious dance and other venues. In addition to his psychotherapy practice with individuals, couples and groups, he offers a couple’s integration group that brings together body awareness, emotional communication and relational play practices. He is also a student in the CIIS Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy program and is in the process of collaborating to open a ketamine assisted psychotherapy clinic in Petaluma.

"Dance Medicine is a transformational dance practice that welcomes you into a sacred space surrounded by an accepting community of dancers. Every week we gather for mindful and heart-centered dance, inviting all to bring and become their most authentic and vibrant selves. To honor and grow with the change of seasons, we integrate and embody the Wheel of the Year through movement, intention, and ritual. In this safe and grounded place we release what no longer serves and move towards all that transforms, connecting the inner with the outer cycle. All who enter step into the celestial, communal, natural, creative life force we cultivate. At Dance Medicine, our door is open - waiting for you.” ~ Sandra Ruiz Fitting, Founder of Dance Medicine

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Dance Medicine offers 5Rhythms and Soul Motion conscious dances.